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Know a Bit More About Us

Know a Bit More About Us

About Us

Connecting things, It’s all
about people.

Helping to meet your regulation compliance for home healthcare.

  • Our IT service focus is compliance within the healthcare arena
  • Meets all levels of Home Health Agencies from Companion, Nurse Registry, Home Health Agency, and Accreditation Level requirements
  • Our software and Technology experts help you to manage your HR challenges
  • Tracking all required Education and ongoing inservices for your agency
  • Tracking and alerting on all license and requires CEU prior to expiration
  • Cell phone texting and emailing alerts
  • Built in alarms and alerts to prevent noncompliance
  • Pathway for virtual Education requirements without face to face contact (Covid-19 safe)
  • Immediate scoring of all test or quiz done on the Hunisoft system
  • Connects in seconds with all other software log in without leaving the Hunisoft site
  • Cloud base. Armor protected
  • Assisting our clients during audit or survey (Team of trained audit staff available)
  • Dashboards are user friendly with relevant data
  • Unlimited users

Go Paperless, having the employee upload their documents directly to their portal. Keeping required HR Documents organized and filed without the use of paper, simplifying your daily HR task.

Try us TODAY, you have nothing to lose and lots to gain.

So You Give Attention

To What Matters Most!

About us

We deal with the aspects of
professional HRM Services

Self Manage and directed for Candidates and Employee from Application Process to full hire , orientation , time sheets, The entire HR  life span of clinical and clerical and administrative staff requirements are met

Simplify Employee Relations 100%
Powerful Automated Messaging System 100%
Connect Links Within The Software 100%
24/7 Technical Support 100%